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Family Fishing Fun


Capt. Mike firmly believes fishing and families are meant to go together. In keeping with that ideal he offers a discount to couples fishing together, grandparents fishing with grandkids and parent's fishing with their children. Check out these "family rates" in the Book an Adventuresection of this website.

      Brother Nature Fishing Adventures is also the perfect option for smaller groups or even individuals who want to fish Lake Michigan. Share the fun with friends, family or business clients at a reasonable price without having to find additional people to make the trip affordable.


Do It Your Way

     When you sign on to the Brother Nature you can help as little or as much as you wish. As an experienced host, Captain Mike can do it all for you--decide where to fish, choose the lures, set them out, net the fish and all the rest. He'll even clean and cook your catch for you if you wish!

      However, that's exactly what most experienced anglers don't want. They know how to fish, they like to fish and they want be in on every facet of going fishing! Captain Mike will show you how to work the gear and equipment and then allow you to do it yourway, if that's your desire. 


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