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     Lake Michigan offers fishing for 5 species of salmon and trout. There are lake trout, brown trout, steelhead (rainbow trout) as well as coho and king salmon. You never know what is going to bite, at times, although it's usually predictable depending when and where we are fishing and the lures being used.

     In March, fast fishing for coho is the rule. Limit catches (5 fish per person per day) are common and many times 2 or 3 fish are being played at the same time. Brown trout and steelhead are frequently caught as well.

     Cohos remain the mainstay in April and May along with browns and steelies - but king salmon get active as the water warms. Cohos can be terrific in June and that's when Indiana's Skamania steelhead start biting near shore.

      Skamania fishing continues through the summer and in September and October, when the mature kings come in to spawn. Summer and fall fishing isn't the break-neck action of the spring, but the fish are trophy sized. It doesn't take many 12 to 16 pound steelhead or 20 to 25 pound kings to make a trip worthwhile!

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