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Mike started fishing Lake Michigan in 1969 as a sport angler and he's now sharing his fishing talents and years of experience by operating a Lake Michigan guide service, called Brother Nature Fishing Adventures.

     "I call it an adventure because I think any fishing trip - especially one to Indiana's own Great Lake - should be more than just a fishing trip. I keep the guests on my boat informed about what I'm doing - and why - and I show them how to handle the gear and choose (and set!) their own lures, if that's what they want. Novice anglers get the advantage of my experience, and experienced anglers get the fun of catching Lake Michigan salmon and trout, personally."


Professionalism Counts!

The road to becoming a "charter" captain isn't easy. A comprehensive licensing exam administered by the U.S. Coast Guard must be passed, along with classes in First Aid and CPR. Licensing by the Indiana DNR is required, along with annual boat inspections requiring seaworthiness, specific safety gear, proof of liability insurance and other qualifications. Captain Mike holds a Masters License and the Brother Nature has passed all the inspections.


Capt. Mike is on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Charterboat Operators, the Board of Directors of the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council and is the Associate Editor of Great Lakes Angler Magazine. 


The captain does not smoke, but smoking is allowed on the Brother Nature

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